Make a deck of 2-4 index cards for every kind of unit in the game, then play subframes with them as in Karten Schach (including some original ones, TK). Don't worry about being able to accurately draw the unit; if you're not an artist, just write out the name of the piece, for example, KNIGHT.

Here are some CardShock subframes you can use.

Few board games other than Chess and wargames have more than a a couple of different kinds of unit. If you are playing a game such as Chinese Checkers with a large number of relatively undifferentiated pieces, try a deck that specifies pieces indirectly. Make a deck with two of each of the cards below per color of piece in the game, using more cards for more common units, and then when you decide to play a game, use only the cards that seem most appropriate. Remember, the Karten Schach deck only contains seven different kinds of card.

In the list below, an item like “The (largest/smallest) piece on the board” stands for two cards: “The largest piece on the board” and “The smallest piece on the board”.

Future enhancements

Enumerate the cards in the KS deck. CardShockUltima?-- if you have a KS set, you can play this right away.

Give examples of cards for some games, such as cards with types of coin for coin games.

Games that can use the cards above include Emergo, Crossfire, Death Stacks, etc. Make cards for 1-high black stacks, 5-high white stacks, etc.

Use new versions from the deck I made; also, mention animals to represent players instead of colors.