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There are already a few Glass Bead Games that have been realised, but, presumably, few are widely played. I guess that many of the authors would agree that their games are somewhat experimental, and are striving towards a better form. Are they striving towards something that is essentially the same form?

My personal idea of a good GBG would be one that anyone can play, with some instruction, and find that they get something out of it, but, one that at the same time has scope for games to reach the level of refinement hinted at in Hermann_Hesse?'s Glass Bead Game.

What if Wiki is really just a streamlined, real-world Glass Bead Game? If pages are moves, and new pages are only created by making links from old ones, then the analogy seems to work. Not only that, but they also are often used to document select bits of the world, and the collective Interwiki could just tie them all together to document the summation of human culture and knowledge. -- NoahTye?