The piecepack


Photo courtesy Brett & Board

The piecepack is a relatively new, but increasingly popular, game system.


Due to a dearth of piecepack game reviews, RonHaleEvans had proposed that anyone interested join him in playing one or two piecepack games every week at Seattle Cosmic Game Night, so that we could post reviews on the Wiki. Alpha Tim Schutz, Kisa Griffin, and Eric Yarnell have expressed interest in regular playtests, and Marty Hale-Evans has said she may help playtest on occasion. That's potentially five people available to playtest piecepack games on a given game night, not counting anyone else whose interest is piqued by a particular game.

Games are picked ahead of time on the SC mailing list so we can study the rules online and not waste time learning them at game night. We choose a few games each week and establish an order of play, so that we always know what we will be playing the next week.

For a list of all piecepack game descriptions and reviews on this Wiki, see CategoryGame. The game reviews at Seattle Cosmic will eventually be transferred to the Piecepack Wiki.


The piecepack community runs a series of game design contests for the piecepack. For more information, see Competitions.