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Nice game, Ron! (./) (./) -- ClarkRodeffer

I've played it with 2 players, and it looses a bit, but is still fun. I'd recommend linking different clues to make the game a bit longer. Still, it is easy to get into the feeling of the game and letterboxing, and you can really imagine the countryside with lakes, mountains, forests etc... in those piecepack tiles. Nice!!!! :D Update: Today I got the chance to play a 4 player game of Piecepack Letterbox and now can say that it is really a fun game. In our game we had a tie in the end but the winner was the player that found the other 3 boxes. I had a hard time solving one of the clues and my treasure was only found twice, so I ended up being last, but had a great time. --JorgeArroyo

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-- RonHaleEvans 2010-03-10 21:50 UTC

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