4-Player Chess

Four-Player Chess

A game for 4 players based on the ancient board game of Chess.

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16 pieces per side, including:

Also, an 8x8 board of alternating black and white squares - with 4 "Wings", one on each side, with an additional 3 rows of 8 alternating squares. The pieces start on the outer 2 of these rows.

In this format

RainbowDeck card mapping

There are enough cards in a an RD dice suit to make one side's worth of Chess pieces.

Playing Red (Hearts = red/pink) against Black (Spades = black/gray) against Blue (Diamonds = blue/cyan) against Yellow (Stars = dark yellow/pale yellow) is suggested, although any 4 suits would do. Crowns is not suggested, as the iconography may be confusing for this game.

80 other cards from the deck can be chosen at random to be laid face-down to make the dark squares of the 4-player chessboard.

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