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# 2 Comments. # So uh, I really don't care for the design. It's at once too busy and not eye catching enough. I'd have preferred it if there were suits on the face of cards more prominently, you know? I'm not one to tell people something is too utilitarian, but I have a feeling this deck is a little too much all things to all people.

At the very least, consolidate color into another part of the card design. I recommend suit. Also, more suits? I'd recommend the swiss Bells, Acorns, Roses and Shields. Maybe Crowns and Eagles too, since those used to be popular in bridge. That'd give you a good 12 suits instead of the 6 you seem to have.

-- Orson Zedd 2011-12-11 22:09 UTC

Orson, which version of the Rainbow Deck are you talking about? It sounds as if you are talking about two different versions. Could you be more specific?

-- RonHaleEvans 2011-12-15 22:22 UTC

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