Seattle Cosmic Game Night

(Saturday, 19 February 2000)

The First Recorded Meeting

G'day all--

Welcome to Seattle Cosmic! This is our first newsletter.

There were three people at our last Saturday night game: me, Mark Purtill, and Marty Hale-Evans, my wife. We had time for two games.

The first game was kinda fun. I say "kinda" because I played too many Compromise cards too early, and felt sorry for myself because I lost my power quickly. The rest is a blur. Mark won. (This was possibly Marty's first game with more than two people, and you know what they say: "The object of every two-player CE game is to find a third." So she had a bit more fun this time.)

The second game was a holocaust. It was a 3-player, 2-power game. One of Marty's powers was the Terrorist, and one of Mark's was the Assassin, and by the end we had all lost so many tokens to the Warp that *none* of us retained *either* power. Marty won, with barely enough tokens for 5 bases.

Next game is Friday night, 25 Feb., at 8pm, at Marty and Ron's house in Kent. (Friday night because we want Dave and Dawnie to come.) Email or call me if you don't have directions. THERE WILL BE PRIZES! Maybe we can play Icehouse. And we can order pizza, as usual.


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