Seattle Cosmic Game Night

(Saturday, 24 June 2000)

Dogpile on Dave!

by Ron Hale-Evans

Seattle Cosmic met again on Saturday, 24 June 2000. Present were Ron and Marty Hale-Evans, Paul Unwin, Peter Schultz, John Braley, Kathy Kizer, and Dave Adams. The following is an attempt to reconstruct the events of that evening, nearly ten months later (in March 2001).

First up, Paul and I (Ron) tried playing Sid Sackson's classic game Bazaar while waiting for the others to show up.

Ron and Paul puzzle over Bazaar

The others showed up quickly, however, and we dumped our Bazaar game and set up Cosmic Encounter instead. Here's Paul showing his mettle as a CE player:

Feral Paul

Unusually for Seattle Cosmic, at least back in June 2000, we decided to play with Moons. Our set is a Mayfair Cosmic/More Cosmic set with Internet expansions and homemade hexes. Below you can see that the hex with the yellow pieces had a soft drink spilled on it at one point; this is affectionately known as the "warped space" hex to our group.

Playing CE with Moons

What's with all our players showing their mettle all of a sudden?

Now Peter's ferocious

We had the chance for a 5-way joint win (Ron, Peter, Paul, John, and Kathy, against Dave), and decided to teach Dave a lesson in Cosmic diplomacy.

Poor Dave -- everyone wins but him!

In the photo below, Dave expresses his feelings about the 5-way-everybody-but-Dave win. We probably wouldn't have been so mean had Dave not pushed his luck on a certain occasion a couple of months before (you can see Marty expressing her feelings in a nearly identical photo on that page).

Dave shows us how he feels about losing

Ron, show them what they've won!

Paul's prize: a NetRunner CCG expansion

Peter's prize: big money

Kathy's prize: a gargoyle mask

John's prize: a kaleidoscope

Below, Dave flips the bird the bird. He later said his kids liked Tweety, anyway.

Dave's booby prize: a Tweety-bird attachment for his faucet (glad we finally unloaded THAT)

Finally, we tried to play Bazaar again, but Paul got locked out of his car, and it all ended in chaos.

Another attempt at Bazaar

Games played or discussed this week:

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Saturday, 8 July 2000 in Kent. Come play for fun and FABULOUS PRIZES!

Remember, game nights at Ron and Marty's are every Saturday at 7:00 PM. Please bring a snack or drink to share (cookies, chips, soda, juice, etc.).

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