Seattle Cosmic Game Night

(Saturday, 12 August 2000)

And a mighty wind rent the mountains around

by Paul Unwin

(with a few bits from Ron Hale-Evans)

Battle was met deep in the void on the night of August 12th. And the Universe reeled.

The Skeptic Magnets (Paul) strode forth aboard their Worldships, forcing alliances and casting doubt. The Pentaform Plants (Dave) dealt mimetic fiveform death from their Gas Giant home. The Pavlov Mutants (Kathy), crouching in the immense gravity and radiation of their Pulsar, gave us what we wanted -- after taking it from us. The Mirror Demons (Peter), striking from their Isolated base, could (and did) take over their opponents and flip around the field of battle. The Filch Vacuum and and a Pact of Six other powers (John) raged from their sector of the galaxy. Amoeba Clones (Ron) oozed pseudopods to their evil cause, duplicating their advantages while entrenched in their Saturnian ringed base.

At stake: survival of a hybrid race (or two). At risk: banishment to the Warp, and then to the even more tenacious Praw. The horror....

The layout of the board for this monstrous throwdown

Visible in the upper right of the picture above is the Slughole through which Peter's Isolated forces could engage us, but which limited our strikes against him.

The Warp got flushed early and often in a game that one observer described as a "blood bath." This caused quite a depletion in most players' available forces.

A somewhat depleted Jovian homeworld. Those tokens are light blue, not white, as any colorblind person could tell you.

The next picture shows a bulging Praw. A timely Moebius Tubes released all the Prawbound tokens, but not until after Peter had squandered all his forces in his and Kathy's last ditch effort to acquire five bases.

The bulging Praw

And the next picture shows the aftermath. There was no real way for Peter to re-enter the game with no bases, so we let him enter the cone normally. After all, he didn't have any powers anymore.

Decimation. Note prominent Slughole.

John took his now-famous long times to think, but one could hardly blame him, what with 8 powers at his disposal. The next picture shows two sizeable forces at odds over the eventual fate of the gloomy Grief planet. Poor bloody bastards.

Fighting with John can only point to Grief... (Isn't he done thinking YET?)

On the other hand, was this the battle during which John slapped a 40 on us? John had quite a number of cards on hand, and good ones, too, due to his Filchiness.

John deep in thought over how best to slam one or all of us in later moves.

During the deliberations, Paul took an opportunity to reaquaint himself and others with the nefarious Device (aka Mr. Thingy).

The unearthly power the Device has over the unfortunate soul of Paul

John, who will hereafter be limited to thirty seconds of coherent thought after which we shall let off loud noises in his ears, won another glowy prize by parrying a final attack against him and then picking on a defenseless Worldship that was probably minding its own business and should have been left to its own Devices.

John and his lovely prize

Peter, good sport that he is, received a prize for being mostly dead for a large portion of the game. He set a new record.

Peter set a new record for being dead

Oh, the players were Paul, Dave, Kathy, Peter, John, and Ron. Also present were Kam and Marty, and Freedom, the Canadian bald eagle.

The next game night will be Non-Cosmic.


Saturday, 19 August 2000, 8:00 PM at Ron and Marty's in Kent.

Remember, game nights at Ron and Marty's are every Saturday at 8:00 PM. Come play for fun and FABULOUS PRIZES! Please bring a snack or drink (cookies, chips, soda, juice, etc.).

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