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Comments on 2019-02-06 Operation Wifebeater

Have you tried adopting the Nigerian short word defensive style of Scrabble play?

TrevorLDavis. 2019-02-07 22:03 UTC.

Trevor! No I have not, in part because I hadn't heard of it and in part because it seems to require memorizing every five-letter word and shorter in the dictionary. But also, is the Nigerian style a myth?

Ron Hale-Evans. 2019-02-07 23:44 UTC.

Not a Scrabble expert but that article seems to say it was an old and well-known (but still valid) strategy. I do imagine you could do quite better with a boost in Scrabble vocabulary (although I don't think it need be so comprehensive to give you a non-zero win probability versus your wife). If you drip in a list of high-marginal-value Scrabble words (say 5-10 a day) into a space-repetition software of your choice (aggressively suspending "leeches" that fail to click to save on overall review time) I'd imagine with only 2 minutes a day or so of review you might be beating your wife in Scrabble in only a couple of years when combined with a solid Scrabble strategy! Probably up your Crossword game as well...

TrevorLDavis. 2019-02-08 18:48 UTC.

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