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  1. ## 7 Comments. ### 2010 September 22: Have you guys seen the pencil-and-paper role-playing-game question-and-answer site ? What's a good way to invite people over there to our game design wiki?


David, the top of the wiki's news page is a really, really, really inappropriate place to ask a question or show off a link. I guess you have good intentions, but I know you've been around wikis for years, so I'm staggered that you could do something like this. I actually thought it was spam at first glance. Please make comments about pages using the Comments link at the bottom. I know this site is mostly dormant, but that's no reason not to maintain its integrity. Please think next time.

-- RonHaleEvans? 2010-09-23 07:49 UTC

As far as I can tell from the "index of all pages", at the time I asked that question, no one had ever used that "Comments link at the bottom" on this wiki. Since then it has only been used once.

I think that people who want to design good games would enjoy reading the Game Design wiki at . I worry that if I say nothing about the Game Design wiki, the people at other sites may never learn about our game design wiki, and lose out on learning about our accumulated knowledge, and so many games may be created that are not as good as they could have been, which would be bad. I worry that if I say something about the Game Design wiki, it will look like spam, which would be bad. Can you help me out of this dilemma?

-- DavidCary 2011-03-03 04:25 UTC

It appears that a few pages here have had their names mangled.

2 2e5 20Seconds, and GDC 202002, and Game 20Points 20Don 27t 20Go 20Down, and I 20Have 20No 20Words 20 26 20I 20Must 20Design, and The 20Case 20For 20Game 20Design 20Patterns, etc.

Even worse, ChessVariant-BlackGhost seems to link to a local "Juggernaut" page and a few other pages that do not now exist -- have those pages been somehow lost, or did they never exist?

(Is there a better place for this question?)

-- DavidCary 2011-03-03 05:03 UTC

The page name mangling occurred during the migration to OddMuse? after MoinMoin? gave up the ghost. To be precise, MoinMoin? had always named the pages in that way, but OddMuse? can't parse the embedded punctuation. Feel free to create new pages with better names, and redirect the old pages to them.

I don't know about Juggernaut etc. specifically. I do know the ChessVariant pages were started and never finished, so the pages probably never existed in the first place. We lost little or no existing content in the MoinMoin?-OddMuse? migration.

-- RonHaleEvans? 2011-03-04 07:51 UTC

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-- tieuphong 2013-01-04 17:20 UTC

Add your comment here. DavidCary, exactly. I really agree!

-- tieuphong 2013-01-04 17:24 UTC

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-- bang_gia_tran_thach_cao 2013-01-04 17:26 UTC

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