EGGS: Experimental Game Genesis of Seattle

This is the home page for EGGS (Experimental Game Genesis of Seattle), a game design group that meets monthly face-to-face in the Seattle area to playtest, discuss, and collaborate on new games.

All game designers (and aspiring game designers) in the Seattle area are welcome to join this list and attend EGGS meetings. Be sure to give your real name when you subscribe, and explain why you want to join the group, so we know you're not a spammer or a cabbage or something.

The group was formerly known as the Eastside Game Group (EGG), because we used to meet in East King County. Technically, our current acronym should probably be EGGOS, but we try to play that down...

Currently, we meet from 2:00pm to 4:00 PM on: the first Sunday of the month in Tacoma and the third Sunday of the month in Seattle. You can join our mailing list for design discussions and schedule updates here:

EGGS roll call

Current EGGS members include, but are not limited to:

Kisa Griffin
Marty Hale-Evans (boss of the following)
ad hoc dictator pro tem Ron Hale-Evans
Dave Howell
the Rainsford (aka Jeff Wilcox)
founder JT Thomas
Eric Yarnell, ND
AlphaTim Schutz