You might be a game crank if...

  1. You've only ever designed one game.
  2. You're only ever going to design one game.
  3. You claim it's "easier to learn than Checkers, but more challenging than Chess". (In fact, this is a dead giveaway.)
  4. You named your game after yourself or yourself after your game.
  5. You published your game yourself.
  6. You took out a second mortgage on your house to get thousands of copies of your game printed, which you were sure would sell.
  7. You first saw your game in a dream.
  8. You claim not to have "designed" or "invented" the game, but "discovered" it based on the Laws of the Universe, "rediscovered" a design used in ancient Atlantis, etc.
  9. You're the fan, crony or "little buddy" of someone who meets the description above.


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