Glenn Storm

Who am I?

I'm a game designer currently working at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies. I'm a creator, thinker and tinkerer.

What do I do?

I study Ludology and specifically strive to help formalize the field of game design through clarity of terms, such as those found on this wiki. That and make games, or help people to make interactive systems more 'game-like'.

Where do you go to find out more about me?

You can check out another personal wiki page on the UnrealWiki to see lots of (too much) information on my Unreal modding projects, previous game design experience, my pages on definitions related to game design and level design, and links to further information and interactive 'stuff' to check out, like my website, email, etc.

Here ya go:

Random Thought

Is there any kind of suspicion that *doesn't* sneak?


Thank you for adding a few useful pages about game design. -- DavidCary