Good ideas may be somewhat useful, but they aren't Patterns.

Simply putting a name to a concept can be very enlightening. Just writing down that first list of good ideas generates a lot of insight into why existing games do or don't work.

It doesn't help as much with game design, however. For GameDesign, the objectivity of Patterns is needed.

For a list of good ideas on this website, visit CategoryGoodIdea.

I have a list of game elements from particular games on a personal Seed Wiki that I would like to encorporate into this site, as CategoryGoodGameElement?, but want to ask permission first. If it was just one or two pages I wouldn't ask, given that this is a wiki, but this would involve encorporate 30-odd pages, constituting what is currently a whole 'nother wiki, into this one, and don't want to create a Wiki:WalledGarden? without permission. Not that I want it to remain a Wiki:WalledGarden? ! --MarkJosef?

Welcome, Mark! If you don't want a Wiki:WalledGarden?, I would make the new pages CategoryGoodIdea pages rather than adding an entirely new category that means basically the same thing. This has the advantage that if there is overlap between your pages and the ones already here, you can copy the content from your seed wiki to the corresponding CategoryGoodIdea pages on this wiki, instead of creating new pages for that content. This will integrate the new content even more tightly into this wiki.

Why don't you provide a link to your new content? Maybe people can make some suggestions about where it ought to go.

-- Ron_Hale-Evans? [[DateTime?(2004-07-10T22:41:11Z)]]

I hesitated to put them in CategoryGoodIdea since most of the ideas there were already somewhat abstracted in the process of becoming patterns, whereas these are direct from games, pre-abstraction. So I'll provide a link to the site here: and I'll start trying to move some of them into good ideas. Thanks. -- MarkJosef? (11 June '04)

I dunno. I see your point, but I don't think the wiki needs multiple gradations of pre-pattern concepts. That way lies madness, etc.. (Bear in mind that although I maintain this wiki, I seldom contribute to it, although I contribute to other wiki.) Some of the pages you linked to, such as Paper Scissors Rock, are already somewhat abstract (and it wouldn't make sense to duplicate RockPaperScissors in this case). If you are worried that your pre-patterns are too concrete, perhaps you can make them more abstract as you move them from wiki to wiki.

-- Ron_Hale-Evans? [[DateTime?(2004-07-11T05:38:48Z)]]

I want to design a new RPG game system almost from scratch, see f4cSystem for early draft.

-- Muxec [[DateTime?]]

Have you seen Dugi ? which I found via Cory Doctorow, who is always excited when things are released under a creative commons license -- Dugi, a "Board game under CC license" posted in 2005. (Should I move this link to the piece-pack wiki?)