The apparent results of action. A quality of interaction design that presents clear, causal reaction to chosen options.

Nothing should look arbitrary. The player should be able to perceive what will happen, and/or understand what does happen.

Mentioned by Doug_Church? in the article Formal_Abstract_Design_Tools? on Gamasutra. Turned into a Pattern by Bernd_Kreimeier? in The_Case_For_Game_Design_Patterns? on Gamasutra, and in a paper at GDC_2002?, "Content Patterns in Game Design".

Warren_Spector?, in Game_Design:_SotS?, supports the concept, and offers some advice on how to create it (emphasis mine): "Give Players tools and information enough to make and execute a plan in response to a problems you set up. In the end, that's what gaming is all about. Just as important, though, make sure you provide enough feedback so players know why their plans worked or didn't work." (That last sentence is PerceivableEvents)

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