Game Design Wiki Style Guide

Here are some suggestions for style-related choices when creating a new Wiki page. The reason this page is suggested is that the help section only tells you how to do it, not the preferred way to do it.


Spaces Between Link Words

I think that the use of spaces is unnecessary. Also, the majority of pages already use the standard no-spaces Wiki name style. Let's continue with that way.

When the wiki moved here, Justin_Love? and Ron_Hale-Evans? decided that pattern names and most other things would be MixedCase?, while 'proper names' would use the quoted form. (This also goes into the game name issue, since I've been making all games links in case someone wants to go into detail about it later.) Of course, there are a few more people to vote now... ;^)


In almost all cases, plural names should be avoided. For a simple trailing 's', put six apostrophes before the s. If you want your sentences to be grammatical and still provide the link, put the link in parentheses, like so:

Avoiding Links

This is covered in the help topic , but if you want to make a word like EverQuest not link, put six single quotes between each word.

Game Names

Non-Copyrighted Games

I suggest just using a capitalized version, like Chess or Checkers.

Copyrighted Games

I suggest italics (use two single quotes before and after the name): Halo.


I have no idea what to suggest, but some kind of consistency would be nice.