This page provides detailed description of weapons for [f4cSystem]. Please improve this page.

Weapons in f4c

Common stats

These values are defined for all weapons in f4c based games.

Name You call it so Short sword, Whip of fire
Base weapon typeSkill bonuses, base damage type and values and attack Short sword, Whip
Enchanted--- No, Yes
MaterialMass, damage specials Mithril, Leather

Note: mass is defined for all weapons, but it

Base weapon types


Name Damage Attack bonus Base mass Base material Misc
Whip 0-4-3-2-2 impact -1 0.8kg Leather Long reach
Dagger 0-4-4-4-4 cutting 0 0.4kg Steel Back-stab and conceal bonus
Short Sword 0-4-4-4-4 cutting 0 1.1kg Steel Off hand bonus
Long Sword 0-5-5-4-4 cutting +1 1.5kg Steel ---
Heavy Mace 2-6-6-5-4 impact 0 3.1 kg Steel 2-handed

Special Effects

If the weapon is enchanted it may have one or more special effects. The effects are normally beneficial to the wielder although it is not necessarily so. Artifact weapons, magically enchanted weapons, weapons forged by smith of great smith have such special bonuses.


Whip of fire +10 fire damage if the base attack hits and penetrates target's armor. ---
Blessed sword +0-2-1-1-1 damage (cutting), +1 attack. ---