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I'm not a GBG person, so I don't know how to interpret this. But, I recently saw this link to something calling itself a DigitalBeadGame. It appears to be a PlayableVariant to me. If it is, someone could include it in this list. :) -- LionKimbro [[DateTime?(2004-05-24T05:25:33Z)]]

Done. Thanks. -- Ron_Hale-Evans? [[DateTime?(2004-05-25T10:34:58Z)]]

Not sure if the link to OrganicPoetry? is really appropiate or not, but it seemed like GBG to my untrained eye. -- LionKimbro [[DateTime?(2004-11-06T19:00:39Z)]]

-- RonHaleEvans 2010-04-01 00:15 UTC

It seems to me there are some very simple GBG-ish games out there which deserve mention somewhere on this site, but I'm not sure where. There's a game that I first encountered under the title "alchemy"– it seems to have entered the culture enough that people keep re-making it under different names. Googling a bit gets me, which is basically what I'm referring to. The game is played relative to a fixed ontology of concepts, and the concepts can be combined with one another to make other concepts. Arguably the entertainment value lies entirely in exploring the fixed ontology a given author put into the game; so, "alchemy" is played with automatic lookup of combinations.

A friend recently showed me that the Minecraft expansion called ThaumCraft? has a sort of "alchemy" sub-game, where you learn to construct magical essences within a fixed ontology. But ThaumCraft? makes things more complicated with a "research minigame" which is much more GBG-like. The board starts out with two or more concepts from the ontology, and the player is supposed to create a chain of symbols such that each is conceptually connected to any adjacent symbols (ie, a parent or child in the fixed ontology), and all the starting concepts get indirectly connected to one another.

-- Dranorter 2018-08-01 23:27 UTC

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