The Glass Plate Game by Dunbar Aitkens is one of the earliest known PlayableVariants, and yet one of the most presently active -- "a conversation in the trappings of a board game".

There's also an older GPG site with lots of links to other people's ideas for a Glass Bead Game, and some descriptions of a few real Glass Plate Games.

For an example of a complete Glass Plate Game, see GlassPlateGame20040612.


I have found this game fascinating for a long time. Living on the East Coast, I wish I had more opportunity to play it. The attributes I would praise are:

The game is easily meaningless and tedious if the players engage in the normal American conversational jousting, so a major fad it ain't, but in its appropriate place there is no substitute. The card making process is very good for note taking at a lecture or in a normal combative encounter in a coffee shop. This page offers an example (further down the page). Doing the game with the numbered dice and colors fits well in a group that seeks an event like a Quaker meeting but with continuous presentation and deliberate intimacy development, as when forming a household.

When played well, the game is invasively intimate, so it is best to begin with an established trust to which the game is added, rather than breaking the ice with the game. However, a relentlessly noncombative presenter like Dunbar can play it successfully with complete strangers.


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