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  1. ## 3 Comments. ### Old Coffee tastes like Crap because certain chemicals age. In the hours after brewing coffee, the ph-value raises, and certain components responsible for taste get oxidized. Iced Coffee gets around that problem by getting cooled in fast manner. The following works great: Small sips of Coffee, its ok to take about an hour for a 0.4l Cup. Drink something else in between Coffee cups, coffee will not dehydrate you (its an urban myth) but you will feel the urge to drink more, a good thing, but most people will get giddy. Coffee is a complex substance, and will work different in most people. Further Reading on the Scientific American or a Coffee fan site of your choosing.

-- Anony.Mouse 2010-02-16 14:10 UTC

For me, coffee is good at waking me up, and making me happy and social. And it's great at making me creative. But it also makes me less focused if I have more than one cup's worth in my system (say 100mg-ish).

Also, the noticeable effects end in five or six hours, but I find myself not getting to bed until 8-10 hours after the last cup (if I have a cup at 7, I'll very likely be up at 3).

It took me several years to figure these things out, so I'm sharing it in case it helps someone else notice the effects on their own system. It may be you're like Erdos or Balzac and it's an unalloyed good! But I think it's worth paying attention to over several days or weeks for anyone.

-- CTD 2020-09-23 20:58 UTC

You should note that coffee may not be effective for you yet still addictive. Please be careful


-- Anonymous 2020-12-27 19:17 UTC

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