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Alas, that wiki has gone offline. We're currently (procrastinating about) moving its information to efficient practices of note-taking.

So ... does that imply we need to add

43folders to the InterWiki? ? (Does InterWiki? even work with numbers like the ones in "43folders" ?)

Congratulations on getting your book published!

-- DavidCary? [[DateTime?(2006-03-11T13:42:19Z)]]

Hi, David. Sorry for taking so long to respond, and thank you for your congratulations on the book.

In my experience, InterWiki? will handle just about any URL you give it, so should be no problem.

Have you considered moving the NoteBook? material to this wiki (I would welcome it), or has the conversion to already happened? If it hasn't, let me point out that the old Notebook Wiki and the Mentat Wiki are both MoinMoin? wikis, so porting the data should be extremely easy -- almost a one-step operation.

-- Ron Hale-Evans [[DateTime?(2006-04-20T09:22:08Z)]]

The Mentat wiki month page ( ) has been updated to actually show what's going on and how you can participate (or at least how I'm doing it) - come on over and join the fun! -- Mel Chua

Relicensing under Creative Commons license

Hi Ron,

As you may have seen, the Free Software Foundation have recently published version 1.3 of the GNU FDL. This amendment permits Wikis like this one to relicense themselves under the Creative Commons "BY-SA" license, provided that this is done before August 1 2009. This can be done even without the permission of all of the contributors.

I would strongly support taking advantage of this opportunity to relicense, because the Creative Commons license is simpler, more appropriate and easier to comply with than the GNU FDL.

In order to relicense, the "Operator" of the site (I think that means you Ron!) can republish the site under the CC BY-SA license. In practical terms, I think that means that we would need to put the CC BY-SA license on the site (see here), change the GnuFreeDocumentationLicense page as appropriate, and update the edit tagline that says "By hitting Save Changes you put your changes under the GnuFreeDocumentationLicense...".

Thanks for all your work maintaining the Wiki over the years!


Thanks, Thufir! I wasn't aware of the relicensing option, or indeed the 1.3 release, and will consider it carefully. One thing I'd want to maintain is license compatibility with Wikipedia. I'll need to see whether CC BY-SA provides that or not. It would also be nice to be compatible with the GNU GPL, which the GNU FDL <= 1.2 is not, bizarrely enough.

Thanks again for the update.

-- Ron Hale-Evans [[DateTime?(2008-11-03T23:35:42Z)]]

Thanks Ron. The amendment to the GNU FDL was made with Wikipedia in mind, and with the involvement of Wikipedia, so it is likely that Wikipedia will transition to the creative commons license. That said, there is always a chance that Wikipedia won't make the change if the Wikipedia community decides against it. So from the point of view of maintaining compatibility with Wikipedia, it might make sense to hold back for the moment and follow Wikipedia if and when they make the change.


yet another crowdsourced book using wiki

Dear Ron,

Have you heard about the book "Flipped: How Bottom-Up Co-creation is Replacing Top-Down Innovation"? John Winsor is in the middle of writing it, and has started a wiki and invited everyone to help him write it. [1] [2].

Share and enjoy. -- DavidCary?

-- RonHaleEvans 2011-08-26 02:28 UTC

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-- RonHaleEvans 2015-05-24 15:27 UTC