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  1. ## 8 Comments. ### If you would like to speed up reading, use hooks in every row. First hook at 25% of row width, second at 50%, third at 75%. Just point your eyes at first hook to see the words in your sight, then move to the next hook. Never use more hooks and never look back.

If you are reading on your monitor, try to set the text width to cover all the words in the row width three hooks on a row. Just adjust the browser width, the pdf reader window or whatever you use. It's hard to read a column covering your entire monitor width, and is impossible to read fast.

When you become confortable with three hooks, then use only two in a row, first at 25%, the second at 75%. Adjust the column width accordingly. Your eyes will move like a pendulum, left-right, left-right and so on.

If you would like to try something cool, then try to read every second row backward. Read the first row, then return on the second row, but backward. Then the third row forward, the forth backward again, and so on.

Reading 500-600 words per minute is quite common, 1200 is possible too. Just think how many book you could read in your lifetime. There are a drawback too - when you got an interesting book, and you'll finish it in three hours. You won't see the words anymore, but you will see the movie your brain will compile in real time from your book. Man, is wonderful to be a speed reader.

-- Anonymous 2012-11-19 22:05 UTC

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