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Hack #49: Roll the Dice

Break out of your rut by making lists of tasks, recreations, books to read, or research avenues to investigate \x96 including some you don't want to \x96 and rolling the dice to determine your fate.

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Windows users will probably need to change the (Unix-based) path of the output file in the pyro script. For example, assuming the directory "C:\temp" exists on your system, open the pyro script in a text editor and change "/tmp/pyro.txt" (in line 11) to "C:/temp/pyro.txt". Note that a forward slash, not a backslash, is used after the drive designation.


You can download the pyro script and the whattodo.dat data file for this hack from oreilly.com

Download an improved version of the script from MindPerformanceHacks/ForceYourConnections?.


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Hack Author

Ron Hale-Evans

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