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by Tim SchutzRev. 0.2, 11/031 player15 minutesGame requires: One piecepack
Story It was a beautiful summer day in the Kingdom of Frogtopia and four young and
boredfrogs of varying social classes were looking for a little adventure to pass the day.
And the additionof danger would only make the adventure all that more exciting. One of
the young frogs said hehad heard of a dangerous game called “Crocodile Hop” that was
played by the frog knights toprove one’s froghood in the olden days. A game where a frog
knight would display his agility andbravery by taunting Young Croc while hopping from
lily pad to lily pad. A game that occasionallyended with the loss of limb and sometimes
even life. A game that was no longer played.
Although one of the young frogs was a little hesitant to play such a reckless and
dangerousgame, comments were made about him being a tadpole and “Do I see still see a
tail back there?”that eventually peer pressure won. “Besides Old Croc is now so old he
can barely move and heis quite predictable” another one of the young frogs said. With
that the young frogs headed outto the other side of the swamp looking for Old Croc.
Once they arrived at the other side of the swamp they started to splash and make
noisetrying to rouse Old Croc. “Look there he is, there he is” said one of the young
frogs “and hemoves about as fast a slug in the mud”. Then Old Croc came up and with his
huge mouthswallowed up a whole lily pad with just one bite. The young frogs started
hopping from lily padto lily pad as they yelled at old Old Croc “You’ll never get me you
old slug” and the game began.Old Croc was popping up out of the water chomping down lily
pads while the young frogs hoppedfrom pad to pad before he could get them.
Then one of the young frogs noticed something, there seemed to be less and less lilypads
to jump to and the ones that were left were getting harder to reach. “He’s running us
outof lily pads” he yelled and that was when the young frogs realized what they had
gotten themselvesinto.
Setup Place the 24 tiles suit side down and shuffle them. Remove 6 of the tiles suit side
downand make the game board by placing them grid side up into a 2x3 tile rectangle to
create a boardwith 4x6 spaces. Flip over the bottom right tile to reveal the suit and
value and make note of itand then place it back down grid side up. Place the remaning 18
tiles into two stacks of 9 tileseach suit side down. Take the top tile from each stack
and place it suit side up in front of thestack it came from. These 2 tiles will be your
choice of moves and the stacks will be the drawpile.
Place the coins number side up and shuffle them. Pick up the 4 ace coins and place
themnumber side up onto the first row of the game board. Do the same for the #2 coins,
then # 3coins, etc. until the 4 null coins are in the 6th row. Flip over all of the coins
to reveal their suitand then remove the coin that matches the tile that you made note of
in the board building setup.Example: If the bottom right tile from the board was the 4 of
crowns you would count from leftto right up to the 4th row and remove the crown coin.
Roll the four dice and then place the four pawns onto the coin the matches the die roll
forthat pawn. Example: If you rolled an ace on the moon die you would then place the
black pawnon the moon coin in row #1. If one of the die happens to be the value of the
missing coin thenreroll that die. Note: there is a example of a setup game on the next

Example of a game setup and ready to play. Also showing the red frog using the #3 moon
tile for a move.
Let’s BeginStart by slecting one of the two tiles as your move. In the example above you
have thechoice of the 3 of Moons or 2 of Arms. Once you have selected one of the tiles
you must firstmove one of the frogs (pawns) the exact number of spaces on the tile you
selected. Frogs movein a straight line in any of the eight directions diagonally or
orthogonally and the board wrapsaround. Frogs may jump over other frogs of course. An ace
is worth1, 2 is 2, 3 is 3, etc. andthe null is wild and can be any value from 1 to 5.
Example: You select the the 3 of moons tileand you decide to move the red sun frog 3
spaces diagonally down and to the right to land onthe crown lily pad (coin) in row n (6).
After you have moved a frog you then remove the lily padthat matches that tile from the
game. In this case it would be the moon lily pad in row 3. If thereis a frog on the lily
pad then the frog is also removed from the game. You then discard the tileyou used from
the game and if there are any tiles left in the draw pile from where that tile cameyou
flip over the top one and place it next to it’s draw pile. Note: If you had selected the
2 ofarms tile and didn’t select the blue arms frog to move you would have lost him with
the lily pad.Continue selecting tiles to play, moving frogs and removing lily pads until
there are no more tilesleft to play. When you are done hopefully you will have 4 frogs
sitting on 4 of the 5 remaininglily pads.
Additional Rules(You didn’t think it was that easy.)
1) Only one frog may occuppy a lily pad at a time.
2) You may not move the same frog twice in a row.
3) If you run a draw pile empty you can not draw from the other pile to give yourself two
choices.Which basically means if you keep playing from one draw pile and don’t try to run
them downevenly, you will limit your choices.
4) A frog cannot sacrifice himself on purpose. ???? OK, jumping a frog into the water
insteadof to another lily pad is illegal, unless there are no other options left and this
is the only moveavailable. A frog that happens to be on a lily pad that gets eaten up is
not a sacrifice, it’s justpoor timing and bad luck for the frog.
Game OverThe game ends once all 18 tiles from the draw piles have been played. There
should be5 lily pads left.

Did I Win?The frogs are assigned point values according to their social status in the
Kingdom and nottheir true worth. But hey I had to come up with some type of point system.
The Green Crown frog is the son of the King, a Frog Prince you might say and is worth 4
The Red Sun frog is the nephew of the King, a future Duke and is worth 3 points.
The Black Moon frog is the son of one the King’s Knights, a protector of the throne and
is worth 2points.
The Blue Arms frog is a son of one of the working class frog, the ones that work so the
king maybe king and is worth 1 point.
Add up the points of the frogs that survived and then see if you won and if there was
anycomments from the King.
10 points. Perfect score you win. There is no comment from the King, because he never
finds outabout this little adventure. Hopefully four young frogs have learned their
lesson, but I have my doubtsand feel they will try it again.
9 points. A win, but a what cost. Comment from the King “It is with deep sadness that I
must informmy loyal subjects of Frogtopia that a young frog was severely injured due to
the indiscretions ofyouth. I hope that all young frogs take heed from this very
unfortunate accident and will learn fromit. My sympathies to his family and I hope all
the best for his recovery ”.
8 points. Not a loss, but not true win either. Comment from the King “It is with deep
sadness that Imust inform my royal subjects of Frogtopia that a young brave frog knight
was severely injured todayin his attempt to carry out the duties of his heritage. I have
informed his family that he will be givingfull knighthood after his recovery although it
is doubtful that he will ever be able to perform the dutiesof true knight do to the
injuries substanted. I hope that all frogs of Frogtopia learn from this dreadfulincident
and stay away from the dangerous part of the swamp”.
7 points. OK you lose. Comment from the King “ I am deeply sadden to have to inform my
royalsubjects of Frogtopia of the injuries that occurred due to the foolish indiscretions
of youth. I wantall of my royal subjects to know that there will be a royal inquiry into
the events that happened. Iurge all frogs of Frogtopia to stay away from the dangerous
part of the swamp”.
6 points and less. Did I win? Do you even have to ask. Comment from the King “ It is with
a deeplysad and heavy heart that I must inform my royal subjects of Frogtopia of the
horrific tragedy thatoccurred due to the utterly foolish indiscretions of youth. I want
all my royal subjects to know thatthere will be a royal inquiry into the events that
happened and what lead up to them. Further moreto insure the safety of all my loyal
subjects and to prevent such a tragedy of this magnitude fromever happening again I deem
the other side of the swamp as a forbidden area. Old Croc leaves usalone on this side of
the swamp and I it is best to respect his side of the swamp.” Comment fromme “I have my
doubts that this will stop other thrill seeking frogs from traveling to the forbidden
sideof the swamp for a little excitment”.
For the true thrill seeker.If you like to try a harder version, when you set-up the game
board flip over the last two tilesof the board and make note of the values. Then remove
those 2 coins from the starting game. Nowyou have to try and get 4 frogs on 4 lily pads.
Good Luck.
CreditsSpecial thanks to play testers Steve Vallée, Ron Hale-Evans and JT Thomas.
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