Style Guide

Please use these terms and conventions when writing about the RainbowDeck.

The Rainbow Deck has 12 colour or number suits. The first number/colour suit in the deck may be referred to as follows:

When used without a modifier, "suit" generally means one of the 12 color suits of the Rainbow Deck.

There are 6 dice suits. The first dice suit is dice suit 1, which is formed by combining the red and pink color suits.

There are 4 poker suits. The first poker suit is Spades.

The Rainbow Deck has cards numbering 00-11K, but for most games that have cards with high numbers, you should omit the face cards, which results in a deck numbered 00-119, for 120 cards. Thus, Rainbow Deck cards 9-15 include 9 from the red suit (0) and 0,1-5 from the pink suit (1). Cards 20-35 include 0,1-9 from the orange suit (2) and 0,1-5 from the yellow suit (3).