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Suggested card substitutions:

Mahjongg has 4 copies of each number from 1-9 in three suits. With a Rainbow deck, consider all warm colors (reds and golds), cool colors (blues and purples), and earth colors (greens and greys) to share a suit. So, for example, if you discard either a pink or orange 5, you might declare "5 warm."

The unranked major tiles (winds and dragons) are cards outside of 1-9 (0, J, Q, K). For the red, green, and white dragons, use red, (either) green, and grey. The winds are the cool colors (mnemonic: wind chill). North and South winds are blue (dark and light, respectively), while East and West are purple (again, dark and light).

Consider playing without the pretty bonus tiles. There are enough cards left over to represent them (pick any remaining suit for flowers, and another for seasons), but they might easily be confused with the majors.