NOTE: This is the old Seattle Cosmic Game Library Page. All the action has moved to the new library page, which lists many new games and books, and shows who has which items checked out.

Seattle Cosmic Game Library

The members of Seattle Cosmic Game Night have assembled a library of games and game-related books. If you have attended our game night at least three times, you are welcome to borrow whatever you like from it for an indefinite period, although if someone else also wants to borrow an item, we ask you return it within a reasonable time.

If you have a game of which you've tired but think others might enjoy, why not contribute it to the Seattle Cosmic game library? Review copies contributed by game publishers and authors are also welcome.

Note: If you want to print this list out, you should probably do so in Landscape mode.

Title Type Author Publisher Date Donor Link
Alpha Playing Cards card game system, word Schutz, Tim TJ Games 1997 Schutz, Tim http://www.tjgames.com/alphapg.html
Auction 2002 and Eleusis card game rules Abbott, Robert Self-published 2002 Abbott, Robert http://www.logicmazes.com/games/booklet.html
Beat the Buzzard card game Randolph, Alex Ravensburger 2002 Higgins, Tim http://www.boardgamegeek.com/viewitem.php3?gameid=456
Bin'Fa wargame, abstract Hodkinson, Ken Kenterprises 1998 Hodkinson, Ken http://www.binfa.com/
Chebache board game, abstract Pardee, Scott Pardee Games 2000 Pardee, Scott http://www.chebache.com/
Chesstique chess variant Martin-Boyle, David Mesomorph Games 2001 Mesomorph Games http://www.mesomorph.com/Products/Chesstique.html
Chinese Chess & Chinese Checkers chess variant Traditional n/a n/a Braley, John http://www.chessvariants.com/xiangqi.html
Colvmn board game, abstract Schutz, Tim TJ Games 2001 Schutz, Tim http://www.tjgames.com/colvmn.html
Games & Puzzles Book of Modern Board Games, The book Pritchard, David (ed.) William Luscombe 1975 Purtill, Mark n/a
HexGames, The board game system Schutz, Tim TJ Games 2001 Schutz, Tim http://www.tjgames.com/hexgames.html
Master of Go, The book Kawabata, Yasunari Wideview/Perigee 1972 (1981) Hale-Evans, Ron http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/kawabata.htm
Mini Casino gambling equipment Traditional Cathay n/a Higgins, Tim n/a
Mutant Chess chess variant Schutz, Tim TJ Games 2001 Schutz, Tim http://www.tjgames.com/mutant.html
Paymi card & dice game Nicholls, C.E. Self-published? 1962 Schutz, Tim n/a
piecepack 2nd edition board game system Droscha, James Kyle Mesomorph Games 2001 Mesomorph Games http://www.piecepack.org/
Player of Games, The book Banks, Iain Harper Collins 1997 Hale-Evans, Ron http://www.cs.bris.ac.uk/~stefan/culture.html
Risk wargame Lamorisse, Albert & Michael I. Levin Parker Brothers 1993 Gryphon, Kisa http://www.maths.nott.ac.uk/personal/odl/riskfaq.html
Silly Game, The children's game Schutz, Tim TJ Games 1996 Schutz, Tim http://home.netcom.com/~hexchex/sillygame.html
Solarquest Monopoly clone n/a Western Publishing Co., Inc. 1986 Purtill, Mark http://www.boardgamegeek.com/viewitem.php3?gameid=1836
Stratego wargame n/a Milton Bradley 1961 Braley, John http://www.boardgamegeek.com/viewitem.php3?gameid=1917
Tri-Virsity card game, word n/a Gentertainment Inc. 1999 Schutz, Tim http://www.tri-virsity.com/
Word Spin word game system n/a GEOSPACE Int'l 1998 Erickson, Karl http://www.spingames.com/
Zoki card game system Pavlovic, Zoran Playroom Entertainment 2000 Playroom Entertainment http://www.zoki.com/

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