10000 Rules

Number of Players: 2 or more

Equipment: 5 [or 6 dice]; pen & paper to keep score

Object: To score 10000 points

Also Known As: Farkle, Greed, Greedy, Zilch, Keepers


Each player rolls one die to determine who goes first. The first player then rolls all the dice in an attempt to score points. Players must score 600 points in one turn before their score begins to count. Points are scored as follows:

With each roll, a player must choose at least one die or a combination of dice to count towards their score before they can continue to roll the remaining non-scored dice. If after one or more rolls, all the dice can be counted towards the score, the player can then choose to continue by rolling all the dice again. Once a player has established themselves on the scoreboard (by scoring 600+ in a single turn), they may stop their turn at any point and score the points earned during that turn. However, a player may choose to continue rolling as long as their roll has produced points.

If a player fails to score points on a roll, they have "farkled." The player forfeits all points earned during that turn and the dice are passed to the next player.


One variation involves allowing players to take over from exactly where the previous player left off, including using their score. The next player could choose to begin a turn as normal or could begin by rolling the previous players remaining die (or dice). The second player can attempt to build on the previous players scoring hand, but risks the possibility of a farkle.


This rules writeup: Matt Vance