Abenteuer 20Menschheit

Abenteuer Menschheit

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This game (I'll call it "AM" for short) is similar to Settlers in many ways, except that (1) it has a fixed board instead of a random configuration of board hexes, (2) your tokens move around the board instead of staying put, and (3) it is set in humankind's actual nomadic prehistory (in which Africa gradually turns into a desert) instead of some Catanian neverwhen. (The name means something like "Mankind's Adventure".) Just the fact that you could move pieces around the board made me like this game a lot more than the usual Catan games. As Marty put it later on the mailing list,

I liked it a great deal. Of course, I'm prone to liking "empire building" games in general, but I thought it was very interesting and well-balanced either way. Lots of possible choices, lots of different strategies to choose from. Definitely has a flavor of Settlers, but it ends up being a rather different game, much less static, because of the game requirements and the effects that force you to move out of the areas you start in. So you have a similar task in building a set of victory points, but you have to think of a moving strategy to do it, rather than just setting it up.... I think it's one of my favorite recent new games.

--Ron_Hale-Evans?, newsletter of 2002-11-30

I have mixed feelings on this game. It was fairly fast-paced and had some different paths to take, but the production of goods seemed very critical and was based on the luck of the dice... I generally don't like that much luck in a strategy game. Also, the translation of the rules lacked a tie-breaking determination.

--ChadUrsoMcDaniel, SeattleCosmicGameNight20030111

I really like this game. It feels to me like an improved version of Settlers... it has multiple victory paths, etc. Actual different STRATEGIES other than just trying to get resources to build cities and towns in good spots.... I feel that if played with a deck of cards containing one 2, two 3's, three 4's, up to six 7's, and back down again, to eliminate a bit of the luck, it would be a wonderful game. And it's still a good game as it stands. I look forward to playing again. (Though I can't ever manage to spell the title of it correctly.)

--Alex_Rockwell?, SeattleCosmicGameNight20030111

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