Alex 20Rockwell

Alex Rockwell


I am a computer programmer and recent graduate of the University of Washington. I live in Renton, Washington. (a bit south of Seattle)

I have been a gamer all my life, but only recently got in to German games. I also enjoy computer games and console games, (though more in the computer games department recently) I like empire simulation games, such as Civilization and the Master of Orion Series, Role playing/Adventure games, And various other strategy games. I also like to play boardgames on


As to board games, my favorites are:

Puerto Rico (the greatest boardgame of all time.....played it loads of times. (between 300 and 400)

Tigris & Euphretes (an excellent game by Reiner Knizia, you've probably heard of him... ;) )

Die Macher (a long game, but amazingly deep. A true brain burner. Probably 6 hours to explain and play, for the first time.)

Princes of Florence (a great game, minimal player interaction, which means minimal amounts of people ganging up on me if I am winning.)

I also like Chess and Go, as well as the Chess variants Bughouse and Crazyhouse. (Both are played at fast time controls, and when you take a piece you get it for yourself, and can place it on the board anywhere you want to later on, as one of your pieces. This leads to incredibly strong attacking potential, and makes having a safe king position extra important. Bughouse is a 2 on 2 team game, where if you capture a piece your partenr gets to place it, while crazyhouse is a 2 player version of bughouse) I'm not that good at Go though....but I'm a decent 1600 rating at Chess, and significantly better at Crazyhouse.

German Board games I own: Princes of Florence, Traders of Genoa, Elfenland, Lord of the Rings, Urland. Hope to have Tigris and Euphretes and Puerto Rico sometime.

Card games:

My favorite card game is Tichu, and I like similar games such as President, Great Dalmuti, Frank's zoo, etc.

I also enjoy some more traditional card games like Bridge, Euchre, Hearts, etc. I prefer hearts with my family's variant of having the Jack of Spades be negative 10 points (so its good). Adds a lot of depth and strategy! I also like the game Doppelkopf, which is popular in northern Germany, and is extremely confusing when you first learn it ;)


I like to play games online at My nickname there is Alexfrog, and I am a member of Emerald City for info on brettspielwelt and cities in that world, visit their website. Also visit: [1] to find out about Emerald City, to get the English patch for playing Puerto Rico there, and to learn how to use the Puerto Rico interface on BSW) Games there that I enjoy include: Puerto Rico, Princes of Florence, Tichu, Doppelkopf, Emerald, Go, Ra, Lost Cities, and more...

I am fairly new to the Seattle Cosmic group. I have been coming for 4 months (as of mid March, 2003)

"When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning." Reiner Knizia

I love that....thats how I play ;)