General style: Euro-style trading game
Designer: Alan R. Moon
Published by: Abacus Spiele
Distributed by: Rio Grande Games (in the US)
Date: 1999

The game is played on a board with several planets and their moons. Each system has a different look and color scheme. The players are Earthlings invited to invest in trade with the Planetary Union of Andromeda systems. Players take turns in which they get cards, possibly play cards to move bases around, trade cards, and then take various actions. You can also improve your spaceships and your general technology level. The goal is to obtain the most points, which include the value of the economic centers (the moons have different values), value of highest technology level, and any bonus cards. It is a fairly quick playing, nicely interactive game that, as usual, is very carefully balanced so that usually no one feels they've been crushed. Play is sufficiently deep to make for an interesting game.