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Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond

"Mr. Bond" is one of the games that people play and then decide they don't like CheapassGames. There's a reason there was a "Better Edition." Even with the modified rules, Bond has tremendous amounts of flux, and is much more about speaking with a sinister accent and petting an imaginary cat than demonstrating your superior game-playing skills.

Evil Super-Genius #1: "Soooo, Ms. 'York!', I have you in my clutches, trapped in the Hall of Magnets, deep within the Cavern of Woe, (with tasteful Duck Pond, of course). And soon I'll be rid of you for good, for with a pull of this lever, I will <dramatic pause> drop you into my <shrieking> 'Shark Tank!', since I am blithely unaware that all shark tanks have <pause> enormous drains."

Evil Super-Genius #2: "I have the other 'D' Doubler."

Evil Super-Genius #1: "Curses! That fiendish agent has escaped my tank, dodged my Atomic Robots, and somehow discerned the purpose of my secret hide-out's Self-Destruct button, despite the fact it's a huge red button labeled 'Self Destruct'. An inconvenient setback to my plans to Rule The World! Bwah ha ha ha!"


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