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Guidelines For Ben's Place

1. Shoes should be removed.

2. No smoking inside.

3. Parking is limited, please carpool. Park in spots marked guest and spots in front of buildings. Also, 1-3 garages will be marked with the SC logo; it's okay to park by these with 1 or 2 cars. If you park behind another car, let me know so I can seek you out if the car in front needs to get out.

4. Cat on premises. Feel free to pet, but be careful if he gets annoyed.

5. Any food packed in needs to be eaten or packed out. No leftovers, please.

6. Do not enter master bedroom in back or office in front.

7. I will usually provide soda (diet and non) and disposable cups & plates. Generally, no dinner is provided.

9. XBox w/ 2 controllers on premises. Feel free to play.

Capacity: 15 comfortably. Over 20 gets crowded, over 25 is too many.