Bleeding 20Sherwood

Bleeding Sherwood

The following is a strategy message about Bleeding Sherwood originally posted to the Cheapass Games mailing list.

The runaway A-#1 mistake people make with Bleeding Sherwood is they bid too fast and too high. Don't have enough goodes? Then get cheap! Be a skinflint! Hoard those goodes!!! Near the end of the game, when everybody else has thrown their goodes before swine, suddenly you'll be able to pick up crowds of three or four peasants and some bonus goodes all for a pathetic piece of Toaste!

If you've played Bleeding Sherwood, and given up on it, talk your friends into another game. And sit on your goodes. Only bid if somebody else is about to win. A really big peasant shows up? Don't bid. Let other people bleed goodes in a bidding war. Sit tight. Pretty soon somebody will run out of peasants and have to start including goodes with them. Now, and not before, is it time to 'consider' bidding. Is somebody going to fight you for it? Back off, unless you can make them spend a Bigge Goode while you only spent a Teensie Goode. You want to keep the quantity of goodes available to you high.

And lo, while everybody else is sitting around with about 80 points of peasants and only one goode, or no goodes at all, they'll suddenly realize that you're picking up peasants one after the other, and the quantity of goodes you have is Not Going Down. By popular acclaim, they will declare you Kinge of Sherwood, tell you Notte to Bother to Finnishe the Gayme, and that it It Iz a Stoopid Gayme, Beacayse Euwe Wonne.


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