Game style: word game
Designer: Alan Turoff
Publisher: Parker Brothers
Year: 1976

Boggle is one the old time masterpieces of word games. A bunch of letter cubes are shuffled in a special tray. Then the players have 3 minutes (timed by a cute little hour glass) to find as many words using contiguous letters (diagonal and orthoganol) as possible. These are written down in secret. Players then read them out and only get points for words no one else found. The longer the words, the higher the score. Though this sounds simple, it is maddeningly difficult (except for those with Boggle eyes). I have a theory that because I was horrible at geometry in middle school, I am not as good at Boggle as I would be given my vocabulary. Someday I would like to get a Spanish-language Boggle set, because though English has way more words in it than any other language, all those variable endings in a Romance language like Spanish might also make it very interesting. Who knows.