Number of players: 2+ (best with 3+) Time required: 15-60 minutes

Basic Rules: One player thinks of a famous real person, alive or dead, and says, "I am thinking of someone whose last name begins with [appropriate letter]." The guessing players then try to stump the main player, and thereby gain the right to ask a yes/no question about the identity of the mystery person. If the main player can name a legitimate answer to a stumper question, the guessers do not get to ask a yes/no question. Attempts to stump the main player must take the form of a question and the guessing player must be able to supply a correct answer if the main player cannot. For example, if the main players said the mystery person's name begins with L, then a guesser could ask, "Are you a European explorer?" If the main player cannot think of anyone, then the guessing player would say, "Livingstone." Since this is true, the guessing player would then get to ask a yes/no question like, "Are you alive?" Note that a question like "Are you another European explorer?" is not allowed. Each stumping question must refer to a distinct new type of person. Also note that once a name is used to answer a stumper question, that name cannot be used again. The game ends when a guessing player stumps the main player and then asks, "Are you [specific person]?" and it is the person of which the main player was thinking. If a guesser ever uses the name of the mystery person to answer a stumper question, the game ends immediately.

Other Points: Generally the famous person should fairly reasonably be someone that the guessers can figure out. Choosing someone ultra-obscure will not make for a fun game. Fictional characters can be used if all players agree prior to play to this rule. The guessers usually play as a team, taking turns asking questions, or just blurting them out when they think of them. However, it can be played competitively and the guessers taken formal turns asking questions.