Chez 20Geek

Chez Geek

An in-joke that spans not just one card game, but three expansions as well ('Slack Attack,' 'House Party,' and 'Chez Greek' which can be played standalone or mixed in with the original). The premise is each player is a college student-or-equivalent twentysomething, trying to acquire Slack(*) to compensate for the spirit-crushing that comes with having a real job (or lack thereof: there's also a "No Job" and "Drummer (+1 to nookie rolls)" job cards too).

You gain slack by playing cards out of your hand to do fun things in your spare time, or to buy cool things with whatever money your job affords you, or calling over fun people to hang out at your place. The jokes come when players recognize elements in their own lives in the cards (including the self-parodying 'Dumb Card Game' activity card).

Happily, the enjoyment of the game doesn't stop once you've read and/or laughed at each of the cards; the game mechanics keep things interesting and allow for competition between players.

In my gaming circle, we've come up with some house rules [1] to get things to make sense as per our own geeky lives.

(*: Slack is easy to understand but difficult to explain. The Church of the Subgenius [2] was not the first to use the term, but has certainly run it into the ground. For any other questions, please consult your pineal gland.)