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  1. ## 6 Comments. ### This is a good start, and it's nice to see all the Gather pages in one place. However, the way category pages usually work is that you tag all the pages in the category with the name of the category (CategoryGatherRules). Then you write a script that finds all the pages with that tag and lists them on the category page. That way, as long as new pages are properly tagged, they'll be listed automatically.

If you tag the pages, I'll write the script.

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-07-06 04:54 UTC

I just want to add that I'm still grateful for the work you're doing on this project, James.

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-07-06 05:38 UTC

Actually, I checked the Piecepack Wiki, and it doesn't need a custom script, just a single command. I'll work on this when I have time.

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-07-08 07:27 UTC

Sigh. This wiki doesn't have that capability yet. Another thing to add when I upgrade the server...

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-07-08 07:30 UTC

Thanks, Ron. I only regret that I couldn't include a working link to the rules for the 10,000 dice game.

-- JamesVipond 2018-07-09 02:28 UTC

It's OK. I just did. Come to think of it, most people call it Farkle nowadays in my experience anyway.

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-07-09 16:40 UTC

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