A Cosmic Night is a night on which members of Seattle Cosmic are regularly scheduled to play Cosmic_Encounter?.

When the club was founded in January 2000, we had a "Cosmic Night" every week by default. In March 2000, we switched to having Cosmic Nights every other week. Around July 2002, we began having Cosmic Night once a month, on the fourth Saturday.

In February 2003, we began having Cosmic Night on the third Saturday of the month; this is the current arrangement. Since the third Saturday is always at Marty and Ron's apartment, so is Cosmic Night. Easy enough to remember?

Although we play Cosmic_Encounter? on Cosmic Nights and sometimes on nights in between, we also play plenty of other games, and you won't be forced to play Cosmic even on a Cosmic Night, so don't be afraid to visit one of our game nights even if you don't like Cosmic.