Guidelines to Golden Fun at Dave and Kathy's House

  1. Please clean up after yourself. Bring all dirty dishes back to the kitchen and throw all your trash away.
  2. If the trash appears full let us know and we will empty it. Don't just keep cramming the can till it overflows or the bag rips.
  3. Do not leave food at our house without asking first if that is ok.
  4. We have a cat named Baby who does not generally do too well with strangers. She may scratch or bite, though usually she gives a warning pat before unsheathing and drawing blood.
  5. We have a Pomeranian puppy named Tiffany who can get very excited. She might bark, but in fact is very friendly. Don't be afraid to ask to have her kenneled.
  6. Absolutely no smoking in or too close to the house.
  7. Absolutely no chewing tobacco anywhere on the property.
  8. Accidents happen and we are nice people. Please tell us right away if something breaks or spills; this is much better than us finding out later, by surprise.