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Dave Howell

Email: cosmic@grandfenwick.net

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Relevant information not found on my home site includes my ongoing role as a Cheapass Guinea Pig (aka playtester/asst. designer) for Cheapass Games. Ironically, I gave James Ernest, ("Mr. Cheapass") his first job in the gaming industry when I hired him to rewrite the rules for Magic: The Gathering. I was the head of the Book Publishing division of Wizards of the Coast at the time, although I'd started there as Guy In Charge Of Production, employee #7. And that was, in part, because I'd been doing freelance writing and typesetting for them since the very first product that WotC? ever released, a role-playing supplement called 'The Primal Order.' TPO is currently very out of print, although copies of the follow-on product I wrote, called Chessboards: The Planes of Possibility (about theory and practice of multi-planar travel) is still available from my garage via Amazon.com, or you can get it from me directly, I guess.