Designer: Allan Calhamer

Year: 1959

Publishers: Avalon-Hill currently, many others in the past

Few games from 1959 continue to have a worldwide following with tournaments around the world, a world championship tournament, hundreds of webpages, paper and ezines galore, etc. Diplomacy is one such game. It is a very simple game of moving your armies or navies from territory to territory, trying to gain numerical advantage over other armies and navies so you can capture other nations' land or sea. However, one must negotiate to set everything up, as it is rare (especially for the first 2/3 of the game) that anyone has enough power to force themselves into someone else's territory. Therein lies the rub, and of course the name of the game. Though this is a VERY long game, it is one of the greatest war games (if you don't like long war games, you will hate this game). There is basically no luck and a whole lot of interesting strategy and tactics. Watch your back.