During the long periods of time between battles against Morgoth, Sauron, and each other, the undying Eldar of Middle-Earth probably had a lot of time on their hands. It's a wonder they didn't have a problem with overpopulation, beautiful as everyone was in those days. There is little mention in the literature of the games in which they engaged to pass the centuries (Golf having yet to be invented) but it's a good bet that the Elves liked to race when they had the chance. This game lets you try your clumsy mortal hand at it. Your task is to guide an effete Elf prince around a wide kingdom on various kinds of un-Tolkien-like conveyances, such as Elfbikes and Pigs, getting your hand stamped at as many locales as possible. The hitch is that you only have your choice of certain rides and certain paths at any given turn (of which there are 4). You must manage your own travel while hindering that of your Silmaril-coveting neighbors.

Having played this only a few times, I prefer it with more players. Otherwise, there is little interaction and players live and die only by their own tile and card draws, rather than those of their opponents.


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