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[Facts In Five and Scattergories are] essentially the same game with different card sets and scoring mechanisms. I like the play and scoring of FIF, but I'd enjoy mixing in the Scattergories cards because some of the topics are funnier and lighter. This is one of my favorite social games; I like to play this just to see what the other players will come up with for answers, and it's endlessly cool and funny to see how other people think. Also, I think this could spawn some really interesting conversation with other players about all kinds of subjects.

--Marty_Hale-Evans?, Seattle Cosmic's Desert Island Games

"Scattergories on Steroids"... The game consists of five 5-minute rounds. (Hail Eris!)... [P]art of the beauty of it is that you have great flexibility in selecting obscure categories from those available, or making them up entirely. On one turn, Jay and Steve both attempted the gambit most people try at one time or another against strong players: naming nearly impossible categories, such as "Dead Novelists of Uruguayan Origin". The problem with such a tactic is that the people who pull this stunt don't score any points for those categories either. Really the only valid tactic I have discovered is to name a category about which you know quite a bit and the other players know little; however, it's often hard to do this in a sporting way.

We were all pretty tired. Before he left, Chad almost named Old Spice as a food flavouring. Jay said he thought the game went on too long. Marty replied that she liked it that way. "It adds an endurance element", she said.

--Ron_Hale-Evans?, newsletter of 2002-11-30, SeattleCosmicGameNight20030104

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Instructions on using the G8 GameTimer? for Facts in Five

by Don Green, G8 inventor

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 10:18:36 -0500
From: don <don@123oy.com>
To: Meredith Hale <mhale@museumofglass.org>
CC:  rwhe@ludism.org
Subject: Re: Facts in Five

Meredith Hale wrote:

>Well, the whole game is 5 rounds of 5 minutes each.  What would be useful 
>is to have the timer set so it can run 5 minutes and reset at the end, or 
>pause, or reset if you need to stop.  Also, it's good to have the beeps 10 
>seconds to the end to signal the end of the time.  That actually sounds 
>simple, but for some reason I can never get it set that way.  Does that 
>make sense?  There's really no need for the entire game length timer, 
>though the number of rounds could be programmed.  Let me know if you have 
>any other questions.
*Hi Meredith,*

*/No problem - this is only one possible solution which best suits your
above stated way of play. If you play with more than 8 rounds then we
will have to think of another solution./*

*Go to mode 1 which is normally used to select the number of players
desired and select 5. We will use this to for our number of rounds since
all players play at the same time.*

*Go to mode 2 which is normally used to select a max. total time for all
your turns. Select 5 minutes to indicate the maximum time allowed for
each round.*

*In Mode 7 set 9 seconds ( 9 is the max ) as the amount of warning you
want before the end of a round. *

*Go to mode 8 and select memory A or B by pressing the + key and then
press the CLOCK key to save all your initial settings for future games.*

Go to Mode 0 and start your game. Press the Pause key to stop the timer
and then press the blue key to resume at any time during a round. At the
end of each round it will stop automatically. Pressing the blue key will
start the next round.

* To start another game, turn off the G8, ie hold down the on/off key
for 3 seconds until it turns off and then hold this key down again to
turn it back on. You will notice it is now in mode 8. Select A or B
memory where you stored the original settings and press the blue key.
Unfortunately the amount of warning is not saved (just the default of 5
seconds) so you will have to use the mode key to select mode 7 again and
adjust it to 9. Then go to mode 0 and start a new game. If you want to   
see the time counting up to 5 minutes then you can press the clock key   
while the timer is running and it will switch. Press the clock key again
to switch to descending time.
If at any time you want to stop and add time to a round, press pause,
select mode 3, then select the round (player) with the pause key that
you want to add time to, change it and go back to mode 0. You will
notice the G8 will be at the correct round where you stopped. Press the
blue key to continue.

*Hope this helps!. If you need any further help please e-mail or just
call (304)723 4553.

*Have fun and please let me know if this works
Don Green
Dream Green

Dream Green

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