Fake Zobmondo!! Questions

If you're not familiar with the game of Zobmondo!!, please read the Zobmondo!!? page before reading the rest of this one.


Playing Zobmondo!! inevitably leads to some unsavoury freelance speculation. Here are a few Zobmondo!! questions we'd like to see, to get you started. Feel free to add your own below.


PAIN/FEAR/DISCOMFORT: Have a friend who always greeted you by kicking you in the nuts -OR- by sticking a finger up your butt?

APPEARANCE/EMBARRASSMENT: Be forced to have a body piercing with its location determined by dice roll -OR- by a Congressional oversight committee?

ETHICS/INTELLECT: In 2004, vote for a Republican presidential candidate -OR- vote for a Democratic presidential candidate?

RANDOM: Rock and roll all night -OR- party every day?

-- mostly Marty_Hale-Evans?, egged on by Ron_Hale-Evans?

ETHICS/INTELLECT: Burn in Hell for all Eternity -OR- have your vocabulary reduced to the single word "Hosanna!" forever?

APPEARANCE/EMBARRASSMENT: Have to always end your sentences with the phrase "...between the sheets!" -OR- with the phrase "...and that is why Carthage must be destroyed!"?

PAIN/FEAR/DISCOMFORT: Play Candyland, or play "Best 67 out of 100 coin tosses"? (See also WhichWouldYouRatherPlay.)