Seattle Cosmic Game Library

The members of Seattle Cosmic Game Night have assembled a library of games and game-related books. If you have attended our game night at least three times, you are welcome to borrow whatever you like from it for an indefinite period, although if someone else also wants to borrow an item, we ask you return it within a reasonable time.

If you have a game of which you've tired but think others might enjoy, why not contribute it to the Seattle Cosmic game library? Review copies contributed by game publishers and authors are also welcome.

This is the new Game Library page, including information about who currently has items out of the library, as well as recent additions. You can also see the old page, although there's no good reason to.

Library Items

Title Type Author Publisher Date Donor Link On Loan To
AdLiners? PartyGame ??? Pressman Toy Corp. 1989 Kisa_Griffin? ??? in
Alien_Abduction? AbstractGame? Tim Schutz 2001 Tim Schutz Link in
Alpha_Playing_Cards? GameSystem, CardGame?, WordGame? Tim Schutz 1997 Tim Schutz Link in
Arkansas_Bluff? CardGame? ??? Parker Brothers 1975 Nat_Dupree? & Steve_Dupree?, 22 Feb 2003 Link in
Auction_2002_and_Eleusis? Book (CardGame? rules) Robert Abbott Self-published 2002 Robert Abbott Link in
Beat_the_Buzzard? CardGame? Alex Randolph Ravensburger 2002 Timothy_Higgins? Link in
Bin'Fa? WarGame?, AbstractGame? Ken Hodkinson Kenterprises 1998 Ken Hodkinson Link in
Carcassonne BoardGame Klaus-J\xFCrgen Wrede Hans im Gl\xFCck / Rio Grande Games 2000 Timothy_Higgins? Link Eric_Yarnell,_ND?, 18 May 2002
Carcassonne:_The_River? (2 copies) BoardGame expansion Rudolf Ross Hans im Gl\xFCck 2001 Ron_Hale-Evans?, Timothy_Higgins? Link in
Chebache? BoardGame, AbstractGame? Scott Pardee Pardee Games 2000 Scott Pardee Link in
Chessboards:_The_Planes_of_Possibility? Book (science fiction / roleplaying supplement) Dave_Howell? Wizards of the Coast 1993 Dave_Howell?, 8 March 2003 ??? in
Chesstique? ChessVariant? David Martin-Boyle Mesomorph Games 2001 Mesomorph Games Link in
Chinese_Chess? & Chinese_Checkers? ChessVariant?, AbstractGame? Traditional ??? ??? John_Braley? Link in
Colvmn? BoardGame, AbstractGame? Tim Schutz 2001 Tim Schutz Link in
Cosmic_Coasters? AbstractGame? Andrew Looney Looney Labs 2000 Looney Labs Link in
Four_Letter_Frenzy? PartyGame, WordGame? ??? Game Concepts 1989 Kisa_Griffin? Link in
The_Games_&_Puzzles_Book_of_Modern_Board_Games? Book (strategy) David Pritchard (ed.) William Luscombe 1975 Mark Purtill Link Kisa_Griffin?, 23 Jun 2002
The_HexGames? GameSystem, BoardGame Tim Schutz 2001 Tim Schutz Link in
Kaos:_The_Game? ChessVariant? Robert Peeples Kaos Toys 2002 Kaos Toys Link in
Kensington? AbstractGame?, BoardGame Peter Forbes & Brian Taylor Samuel Ward Co. / Whale Toys 1979 Tim Schutz Link in
Lord_of_the_Rings:_The_Search? BoardGame Peter Neugebauer Rio Grande Games 2001 Tim Schutz, 1 Mar 2003 Link in
The_Master_of_Go? Book (journalism / historical fiction) Yasunari Kawabata Wideview/Perigee 1972 (1981) Ron_Hale-Evans? Link in
Mini_Casino? GamblingEquipment? Traditional Cathay ??? Tim Schutz ??? in
Mutant_Chess? ChessVariant? Tim Schutz 2001 Tim Schutz Link in
Paymi? CardGame?, DiceGame? C.E. Nicholls Self-published? 1962 Tim Schutz Link in
Picture_Picture? PartyGame ??? Western Publishing Company, Inc. 1992 Kisa_Griffin? Link in
piecepack 2nd edition GameSystem, BoardGame James Kyle Droscha Mesomorph Games 2001 Mesomorph Games Link Kisa_Griffin?, 31 Aug 2002
The_Playboy_Winner's_Guide_to_Board_Games? Book (strategy) Jon Freeman Playboy Press Paperbacks 1979 Ron_Hale-Evans?, 23 Jun 2000 Link in
The_Player_of_Games? Book (science fiction) Iain M. Banks Harper Collins 1997 Ron_Hale-Evans? Link in
Risk? WarGame? Albert Lamorisse & Michael I. Levin Parker Brothers 1993 Kisa_Griffin? Link in
The_Silly_Game? KidsGame Tim Schutz 1996 Tim Schutz Link in
Solarquest? MonopolyClone?, BoardGame ??? Western Publishing Co., Inc. 1986 Mark Purtill Link in
Stratego? BoardGame, WarGame? ??? Milton Bradley 1961 John_Braley? Link in
Tri-Virsity? CardGame?, WordGame? ??? Gentertainment Inc. 1999 Tim Schutz Link in
Word_Spin? GameSystem, WordGame? ??? GEOSPACE Int'l 1998 Karl Erickson Link in
Wordblind? PartyGame, WordGame?, BoardGame ??? 4th Law Ltd. 2002 Tim Schutz, 1 Mar 2003 Link Kisa_Griffin?, 12 Mar 2003
Zoki? GameSystem, CardGame? Zoran Pavlovic Playroom Entertainment 2000 Playroom Entertainment Link in