Gaming News

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28 May 2003: Cosmic Encounter Online launches

1 April 2003: International Gamers Awards

Greg Schloesser writes:

After having served as the Gamers' Choice Awards committees for the past three years, the members of those committees in their entirety have gone independent and have launched the International Gamers Awards. The committees will continue presenting awards recognizing outstanding games in both the Historical Simulations and General Strategy Games categories.
We also have several more exciting announcements to make, including the addition of several new committee members and the launching of our new website at:

1 April 2003: Cheapass Games: Solution to Offensive Name

Dave_Howell? writes:

Well, it looks like Cheapass Games has taken the 'offending the sensibilities of the delicately constituted' issue to heart. They've announced a name change for the company.

This is good news, as we had been worried about including some CheapassGames in the AgogProject because of the potentially offensive name.