Gregory 20Horror 20Show

Gregory Horror Show

Published by Upper Deck Entertainment, Gregory Horror Show bills itself as a 'collectible game experience'. The 'starter set' is a fully playable board game for two to four players (in my opinion, more is better). You're trapped in Gregory House, and your objective is to evade Gregory, the psychotic mouse who runs the hotel, and claim three of the hotel's rooms for yourself (by getting a key from certain spaces, going to a room, and defeating the monster that dwells within), then get out. (Alternately, you can simply be the last one standing.)

Where the collectible part comes in is in the 'feral monsters' rules. Basically, when someone loses a fight to take control of a room, or if a player spends some life points on a special square, they can introduce a figure representing a monster to the board. These figures, along with Gregory, can be moved to harrass the other players and make your life easier. However, the figures don't come with the base game; they come in booster boxes, along with additional cards that help you bring them into play.

It's a quirky game, based on a quirky, obscure Japanese show, and I don't know how popular it'll become, but I intend to give it a few more tries with boosters, once I get them, and see how it all works out.


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