Here are Jay and Michelle's host guidelines.


We'll serve dinner at 6 pm. We'll send mail in advance to say what we'll be serving. If you plan to eat, please RSVP indicating so before 11 am so we know how much to make.

To help defray dinner costs, we'll accept optional nominal contributions. We'll say ahead of time our approximate cost per person, and we'll put out a collection bowl on game night. Feel free to eat without contributing, to contribute less than the suggested amount, etc. We won't monitor the contributions, and we only accept them so we can make better food. If contributions are way under our costs, we may serve less exciting things in the future, but it's not going to break us.

Note that even though we provide dinner it's still customary for people to bring snacks, beverages, etc. to share.


There's plenty of parking on the street. Please do not park in the driveway.

Off-limits areas

Some rooms will be marked off-limits by signs posted on the door. Note that a room we allowed you in one week may be off-limits another week, and vice versa.


If there is a need for it, please turn on the fan. Note that there is no fan in the downstairs bathroom, so if you anticipate the need for a fan, please use one of the upstairs bathrooms.

If a toilet paper roll needs replacing, please replace it. If you don't see a roll nearby, please alert one of us and we'll replace it.


Please clean up after yourself. Bring all dirty dishes back to the kitchen and throw all your trash away. Please do not throw away recyclables; we'll provide an area near the kitchen sink for those.

If the trash appears full, let us know and we will empty it. Don't just keep cramming the bin until it overflows or the bag rips.


Accidents happen and we are nice people. Please tell us right away if something breaks or spills; this is much better than us finding out later, by surprise.


The house is not child-proof by any means. For instance, it has lots of dangerous and fragile items. So, if you bring children, keep them under your surveillance and control at all times. We think this requires, at the very least, always being in the same room as them.


Absolutely no smoking in the house. Also, please don't smoke on the porch or on the deck.